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March to End Fossil Fuels 2023

Let’s put our faith in action as we join the March to End Fossil Fuels on September 17, calling on President Biden to stop fossil fuel expansion and extraction. After the First Church Kickoff Sunday events (after services on September 17), the Earth Care Action Group invites members of First to gather on the North Lawn and leave together at 1:15 to join the march along the route.  

This is a permitted march in which thousands of people from around the world will join together to say “it is time to end fossil fuel expansion” ahead of the UN Climate Ambition Summit. The route will begin near Columbus Circle at Broadway and 56th St at 11:30. Marchers will go down Broadway to 52nd Street, then head east on 52nd to 1st Ave. We will be in touch with folks at the march and join after our Homecoming festivities. There will be a closing rally at 1st Ave and 50th Street, near UN headquarters. The rally will end around 4:30pm. 

If you’ve never been to a march before, it will be an inspiring and empowering experience!  

If you plan to join, please be sure to bring comfortable shoes (we’ll be walking!), sun protection (hat and/or sunscreen), water, and a snack. Leavy anything heavy or really valuable at home. We may be marching for several hours (although you can leave when you need to).  

If you have questions, please email Emily Brewer ([email protected]). That’s all you need to know for now, but keep reading if you want even more information.  

On September 5, GreenFaith led an art build at First Church where First members, along with friends from other congregations across NYC, joined together to paint some banners that will be used in the march! 

Here’s more information from GreenFaith: 

This is not just another protest. This is a powerful faith-driven movement of change, and we need your presence to make a resounding impact. Together, as people of diverse religious communities, we will send a clear message to our leaders, including President Biden, that it’s time to put an end to the era of fossil fuels and invest in a clean and sustainable future for all. 

Why should you join us and take action? 

  1. A Faithful Response to Climate Justice: Since we believe that the Earth and all people are sacred and at risk, it is our duty to come together and fight for justice as members of diverse religious communities. This opportunity allows us to elevate the voices of people of faith everywhere to provide a passionate, loving, and just response to the issue of climate change. 


  1. There’s No Time to Waste: Your presence at the march will demonstrate your commitment to climate justice. By standing up and showing your support, you send a powerful message that we will not be silent while our planet suffers. We will demonstrate that people of faith agree that there’s no time to waste to demand a just transition away from fossil fuels.


  1. Demand Accountability: Our leaders must be held accountable for their actions. By marching in solidarity, we demand that President Biden and other decision-makers prioritize climate action and commit to phasing out fossil fuels. Together, we will show them that the status quo is unacceptable and that people of faith demand a sustainable future for our communities and the planet.


  1. Inspire Change: Your participation in the march will inspire others to take action. By taking a visible stand as a person of faith and conscience, you can inspire your friends, family, and neighbors to join the fight against climate change. Side by side, we can inspire a bold and creative response to the issues of climate justice as people of faith. Be the catalyst for change in your community and empower others to join the movement for a fossil-free future.


  1. Be Part of History: This march is a historic moment in the fight against climate change. By being part of this collective action, you become an integral part of a movement that is shaping the future of our planet and the long lineage of faithful action for social change. Together, we can provide a beautifully diverse and passionately faithful response to climate justice on behalf of future generations.


Now is the time to turn your moral values into action. Mark your calendar for September 17th and join us in NYC! Together, we will raise our voices and spirits to create a better future for ourselves and future generations.