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Caring Ministry Programs

Spiritual wellness is important to us. We’re here to support you—as you face life transitions and other challenges.

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Grief Group

The Grief Support Group meets every six weeks and is a guided discussion group for those grieving the loss of a loved one. Together, we explore what it means to live with grief and try to understand more deeply what Christianity has to say about coping in the face of pain and death. By leaning on our faith and one another, we can learn so much about ourselves through the journey of grief. If you are interested in attending or learning more, contact Rev. Dr. Barbara Davis at [email protected].

Morning Prayer Writing


Start your mornings with these energizing weekly prayer writing sessions. This group is intended to be a quiet time to start your day with God. Writing prompts will be shared for each session, so that each person writes their own prayers for the day. Participants are not asked to share their work; all are welcome for this time of prayer.

This series is virtual, zoom information can be found in our First Matters newsletter. For more information about meeting times and how you can get involved contact Rev. Dr. Barbara Davis at [email protected].

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