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End of Life

The Christian funeral or memorial service is an act of worship

Funerals & Memorial Services


The Christian funeral or memorial service is an act of worship. It is an occasion in which, through the praise of God, the comfort and reassurance of the Scriptures and the power of prayer, grief and loss can be honestly expressed and true thanksgiving can be offered for a life now ended, yet continued in God’s nearer presence.

To arrange a funeral or memorial service, please contact the church office at 212.675.6150 as soon as possible so that we may provide pastoral care to the family and friends. If you have any questions regarding end of life concerns, please contact Aileen Caba at [email protected].


A Columbarium is a collection of niches housing urns containing a deceased’s cremated remains. First Church has 102 niches that are located in the rear of our historic sanctuary. The church maintains this final resting place for the deceased and preserves it as a place of loving memories and quiet reflection.

For more details on purchasing a niche, please contact Aileen Caba at [email protected].

A Book of Remembrance

If you visit the columbarium you may see the names of many people you have known and loved, and also names you do not recognize. The members of the Church Triumphant there are identified with their names and dates but they were so much more. The Deacons are creating a book of remembrance inviting families and friends to add pages of photographs and stories to bring memories of their loved ones alive.

If you have something to add, please contact the Rev. Dr. Barbara Davis at [email protected] or 212.675.6150.

Advanced Planning

The church encourages everyone to consider making a plan for their end of life directives. The church keeps such papers from members on file in the safe. Considering in advance issues of who to contact if you become ill, who your health care proxy is, as well as your desires in your living will and your memorial service are helpful when dealing with end of life decisions.  

If you would like to meet with a pastor to discuss any of these decisions please contact The Rev. Dr. Barbara Davis at [email protected].

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