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Message about the Covid-19 Vaccine

Dear FPC Members and Friends,

The COVID-19 vaccine is now available to New York residents age 65 and over. This is very exciting news! First Church wants to make sure those within our community who are age 65 and over are aware of the vaccine’s availability and have the assistance they need to register for it. If you would like more information as well as instructions on how to register, where to go to receive the vaccine, etc., please see the website for New York City here.

There is obviously very high demand for this vaccine and many of the appointments are already filled. It is important to remember registering for the vaccine and scheduling an appointment will require patience and may take several attempts as more slots become available. It is also important to note that using a computer for the registration process is highly recommended rather than using an iPad, cell phone, or other electronic devices. Some of our members have already been registered and pending appointments by using this website through the city of New York. Again– if you do not successfully register yourself on your first attempt, it is very important you keep trying!

We are hopeful that the process becomes less difficult in the coming days and weeks. In the meantime, if you are living alone and do not have access to the necessary technology, do not have family present to assist you, or feel uncomfortable registering on your own, please let us know. Due to the importance of this vaccine, we want to support and assist you in any way we can. You can call ​the Front Desk at (212) 675-6150 and we will partner with you to make sure you are able to be registered for a vaccine if you choose to receive one.

If you are not currently a resident of New York City or New York State, you can access information, testing sites, and the registration process through your local Department of Health website based on the county in which you live. While we will be less familiar with the processes out of state, we are still happy to assist you with registration, regardless of where you may live.

As is true with any medical decision for your body, we recommend you reach out to your doctor or health care professional for any questions or reservations you may be feeling about the vaccine or your own health. We are hopeful that as many of our members can be vaccinated as possible to help protect themselves and our community. For more details see the Citywide COVID Information Portal. ​

The Deacons and the Pastoral Staff