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2024 Stewardship

Will you prayerfully consider joining us with your pledge in 2024?

And if you have never pledged before, will you consider making a new pledge in 2024? 



I know you’re wondering what that number means. I’m glad you are. Because numbers mean something. All numbers are significant in one form or another. Looking back, the number 2023 means something different for many of us. The numbers 120/80 mean something important for those of us watching over our health. The numbers 04-15 (tax day) and 11-05 (U.S. presidential elections) are good numbers of all of us to remember.

The Bible is no different. Numbers in Scripture mean something. The number 3 is prevalent as it symbolizes perfection, and it often refers to the fullness of the presence of God. The number 12 is also important (12 disciples, 12 tribes of Israel). The number 40 is key as it often speaks of a time of preparation, suffering, purification, etc.

The number above: 188/480 is important and has to do with First Church. The first of the two numbers represents the number of pledges we received in 2023. The second represents the potential number of pledges we could have received based on membership and the number of families in the congregation.

As you can tell, this presents exciting possibilities for funding the work of God through Old First. As a family of faith we are so incredibly grateful for the partnership with the 188 families who fund the ministry. And we’re also grateful to extend the invitation to the remaining 292 families to join us in this stewardship journey. 

Pledge Form 2024